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Safety and certainty are not simply givens; they are an imperative.

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We want to take the strain off things and improve quality of life

Holistic intensive care for adults and children - nationwide

The opseo Group is a pan-German association of specialized intensive-care services that provide you with expert support in all stages of life.

What does holistic intensive care mean?

We do not consider ourselves a one-dimensional corporation that focuses solely on supporting patients in need of intensive care. Rather, we seek to provide the appropriate individual care for you or your family members.

Despite a severe underlying disease, some patients are not inevitably dependent on intensive care forever. With the assistance of our therapy team, in certain circumstances their health can be considerably improved, meaning their days needing intensive care may be limited.

Our care concept includes not only our outpatient care services with REMEO®, but also an inpatient facility specialized in supporting respiratory patients with the potential to be weaned off the respirators. With the help of our associated therapists and medical practitioners, adult patients therefore have the opportunity, while under constant monitoring by our carers, to reduce their hours on respirators and, ideally, to start breathing completely by themselves. Our expert team of care workers is specially trained in this regard to provide the right support along the way.

The opseo Group thus covers the entire range of services for respiration care. Should you have any further questions on holistic intensive care do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

More safety, certainty & quality of life

opseo offers holistic intensive care both in a private residential setting of the patient’s choice or in non-hospital flat-shares or within inpatient facilities. Our subsidiaries throughout Germany ensure the provision of personal care for patients of all age groups from newborns through to the very elderly.

Our most important goal: to make certain patients and their relatives enjoy more safety, certainty, and a greater quality of life.

We achieve this by deploying specially trained expert care personnel assisted by competent medical practitioners and therapists. For years now, our patients have relied confidently on us day in, day out and thus enabled us to emerge as one of Germany’s leading providers of intensive and respiration care.

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opseo – Our strength is giving hope

“Ops” comes from the Latin and means “strength” and “power.” “Seo” is an anagram of the Greek word “Eos,” which both denotes the Goddess of Dawn and is associated with the concepts of “giving hope” and “assurance” or optimism.

Much is bound up with this brand name: It symbolizes what is planned for the future and it above all expresses the staff’s shared understanding of how patients should be treated.

Our express goal is to enable patients requiring intensive care to lead lives that they themselves determine as far as possible.

Strong group – major goals

Opening of a new intensive-care facility for children in Kahl am Main in February 2020

On the basis of the expert skills that are bundled within the Group and organized by region, opseo seeks to become not only market leader but quality leader in the intensive-care segment.

At present, the Group’s supply network consists of 25 subsidiaries in which some 5,000 staff members support over 800 intensive-care patients and 1,500 additional persons – from newborns to the very elderly – with all the various measures that are individually needed. The Group is thus at present the fastest-growing provider of outpatient and inpatient intensive-care treatment for both adults and children.

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