Intensive care for children in a loving, family-like, and sheltered setting

We likewise have the optimum care concept for children. As an all-round provider of outpatient intensive-care services, we are able to offer children with any basic illness requiring intensive care the right support – anywhere in the country.

As the market leaders in the field of intensive care for children, the opseo Group has a large number of subsidiaries that provide a variety of different care models for severely ill children of any age.

Safety and certainty are not a matter of course – they are an imperative.

Ways of providing outpatient intensive care

Be it in one of our specialized care facilities, be it as an inpatient or an outpatient, or providing support in your own four walls, our care staff, who are specifically trained in respiratory care, help patients and their parents in creating a safe and caring setting for them.

The staff from our intensive-care services lovingly and expertly support the children in their struggle and ensure they can lead normal lives as far as possible. Trips to the zoo, accompanying them to school, or going to a soccer match – our care staff join up with the parents to make sure all the challenges get overcome.

Under the umbrella of the Bear Family we also provide inpatient long and short-term care slots throughout Germany so that families get an opportunity to recover from providing for an ill child. Here we again make certain the children enjoy a meaningful and caring environment full of fun and providing the ultimate in care along with highest-quality therapy and medical support.

All of our Bear Family facilities are tied into a network of specialist doctors and we can thus ensure that all children receive strong support. Our inpatient Bear Family concept also includes a comprehensive didactic program destined to constantly foster the children’s cognitive and psycho-motoric development.

Do you have any questions on our outpatient and inpatient intensive-care services for children? Or on our nationwide intensive-care services in Germany and the different types of care provision? Then do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.