• Living well, in safety and certainty

    As a specialist in the field of medical care treatment, the core of our work involves improving the quality of life of our patients and their relatives, and in this way guaranteeing an enduring feeling of safety and certainty.

    What is especially important to us in this regard is the provision not only of health, but also of emotional support.

    To this end we have developed a cross-sector system of HOLISTIC INTENSIVE CARE.

The opseo Circle – our holistic care concept for people with special care needs

We want to offer our patients optimal care support in any stage in life. To this end, we rely on the different service options within the opseo Group to create a full circle of holistic support. For more safety, certainty, and quality of life.

Our concept of holistic intensive care rests on four pillars

Nursing and treatment-based support

Pflegekraft mit Kind und Handpuppe

We provide all-round support by specially trained expert care staff and well-qualified external therapists – all for the well-being of our patients. 

Regular advanced training courses guarantee high-quality support and ensure staff are abreast of the latest insights into intensive care. Moreover, by collaborating closely with the suppliers we make certain we deploy an optimal choice of medical auxiliaries tailored to the personal needs of the respective patient.

Support by medical practitioners

Beatmeter Patient wird untersucht

Mastering challenges and growing with them.

Providing medical support during intensive care is a huge challenge for all concerned. With the assistance of general practitioners, not to mention specialist doctors who treat our patients locally, we overcome those challenges day in, day out. The medical practitioners examine our patients in our facilities and thus save them the ordeal often associated with having to go to a doctor’s office, let alone spending time in a hospital.

Socio-psychological support

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We want our patients to be able to lead self-determined lives as far as is possible. Which is why we have set ourselves the task of helping them find a place in society – by providing psychological support, cultural assistance, and help with legal advice.

For each and every patient has personal requirements of their own – and our services and assistance are therefore just as personal.

Quality of life means making decisions. opseo helps in the process.

Organizational support

Pflegekraft und beatmeter Patient

In some cases, we support our patients for several decades, some of them all their lives. We bring all our experience in issues relating to the topic of intensive care to bear to help make the organization of the care setting as transparent as possible and gladly assist with discussions with health insurers.

We also offer patients the optimal residential setting for each phase of life – tailored to their personal needs and those of their relatives. We emphasize enabling younger patients a smooth transition into adult life and seek to fulfill all the necessary requirements in this respect.

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