Founded in 2013 and based in Kelsterbach, Germany, the opseo Group brings together medium-sized care companies throughout Germany to form a care group that is specialized in outpatient intensive care. The subsidiaries are currently supporting 1,400 intensive-care patients nationwide – of all ages, at home, in flat shares that receive outpatient support, and on intensive-care wards. In almost all the 16 German states, the 5,000-plus staff members provide patients with the ultimate in care and thus form an excellent basis for the cross-sector system of holistic intensive care.

The Group is subdivided into four regions: North, South, East, and West. Each has its own management so that staff members and patients alike can turn to a reliable local manager.

In the form of the Bear Family, in 2019 a special brand was established covering intensive care for children, in this way promoting expertise and strengths in this field of activity.

All the companies together constitute the opseo Circle, as it is called – our idea for providing a complete range of care services for outpatients in need of intensive care.

opseo management circle

The opseo Group management circle is made up of the management of opseo Holding B.V., the directors of the central functions at opseo Servicegesellschaft mbH, and the local directors of the operations and commercial clusters.

In this classic matrix organization, each cluster is responsible for its business. The central functions of opseo Servicegesellschaft mbH ensure uniform and efficient high-quality processes throughout the opseo group.

The close cooperation and open-minded approach, based on viewing everyone as equals, ensure corporate actions are swift and highly flexible to account for changing overall conditions, and the entire management team assumes responsibility.

opseo quality assurance


In order to be able to provide high-quality HOLISTIC INTENSIVE CARE you need a qualified team that is always up to date. To this end, as a rule we train our care staff during their very first months with us to become EXPERT CARE STAFF FOR OUTPATIENT RESPIRATION.

Because quality doesn’t just happen.

The BaWiG is our Training Center – and has hubs in Essen, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Dresden; there our staff can attend a range of accredited training and advanced training sessions. In addition, many of the mandatory advanced training sessions stipulated by law can be completed online through the e-learning platform, which the BaWiG developed specially for opseo.

In this way, we offer all our staff members the opportunity to structure their careers the way they themselves want. We support them along that upwards path.

Of particular note is the opportunity to lock into the DGCC (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Care und Case Management) accredited training schemes for CASE MANAGER and PDL through Uni Witten/Herdecke, courses that take into account the very latest research findings and insights into care provision. The concept of HOLISTIC INTENSIVE CARE derives from this qualification of our managers. Only in this way can we ensure the great degree of safety, certainty, and quality of life.

Quality assurance

Internal quality tests

We set ourselves very high standards. We subject ourselves to regular internal quality tests in order not only to maintain our standards, but also to constantly improve them. Our internal quality officers and auditors secure our requirements and values: They keep a constant eye on the quality of our services.

The audits done every six months for the opseo Group include MDK test audits analogous to the Quality Test Guidelines (QPR) in the respectively valid version.
Moreover, accounts audits, status checks for HSE, fire protection, hygiene, training and advanced training status and advanced training requirements form the focus of internal audits.

External quality tests

The due fulfillment of statutory requirements is monitored at regular intervals by MEDIZINISCHE DIENST DER KRANKENVERSICHERUNGEN (MDK). In the past, opseo has always posted superb results and we are confident that this will remain the case going forward. In this way, we are shoring up our position as one of the leading providers of intensive-care and respiratory-care services.